Monthly Archives: September 2016

Smart Phones and Driving

We all know its fun to pull out our cell phones for a quick selfie with family and friends right?  Or maybe to shoot a quick video of yourself and friends doing some extraordiary feats?  All for fun and games, but…..Getting behind the wheel of your vehicle with that same cell in your hands is an accident waiting to happen.  The other day, a car in front of me was weaving back and forth from one lane to another. When I finally had the opportunity to pass this person, the woman was texting with one hand, a Pepsi in the other, and driving with her knee!  Facebook has a new feature with their page; (Go Live).  Now people aren’t only taking selfies, now they’re videoing themselves while driving!  Please folks, put those cell phones away when your driving.  Drive smart, and don’t put yourself and others around you in harms way!